We are a group of people united against the theft of cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to create a blacklist of platforms that operate to steal money from investors, as well as create those that have good faith and have transparent and reliable protocols in dealing with the money invested.

I.                   BLACKLIST

The following are some platforms with problems with money retention and investor cryptocurrencies. The following are some platforms with problems with money retention and investor cryptocurrencies. I was a victim of these platforms, I lost about $4,000 dollars:

  1. Metrofinance;
  2. Finance-Expert;
  3. Vonoviainvest:;
  5. CentralFxlimited;
  6. EpicGrowthfund;
  7. MaxLimitedCoins;
  11. 24hourstradoptions;
  13.  Global-holdings hYIP;

II.                How do I determine if a platform is safe for my investments?

First, it must be known to the general public, present other real investors and who can support their operations.

Second, you must present a service contract, even if digital, so that a link is established between you and the company that will trade your cryptocurrencies. In addition, investor identification verification procedures are a sign of good faith from the platform.

Third, the platform must make clear the reasons why it can withhold investor money, for example, fraud, or court order. Withholding money must be exceptional.

III.              Investor money is sacred

Platforms that trade their cryptocurrencies must understand that the investor's money is sacred. The investor must be treated as a partner, as a special person.

IV.              Check the platform's successful trajectory

Reliable platforms are those in which your investors have a successful track record in their investments. Always check to see if there are any investors who have been successful investing in an X or Y platform.

V.                Investing in cryptocurrencies is safe.

Cryptocurrencies have already proven that they are a good investment. The blockchain network protocol has already been adopted by several banks around the world. The problem then is not cryptocurrencies, but internet thieves who have perfected their methods to rob investors. They created several platforms with a sophisticated appearance with attractive gains, which in fact turns out to be a trap. There are several such platforms in Europe, mainly in the United Kingdom, USA and Australia.

VI.              The BOT scam

the most common scam on these platforms is the so-called "bot", that is, the platform blocks the withdrawal of your invested money and asks you to make a new deposit so that you can withdraw the retained money. This is absurd.

VII.          Are there reliable platforms?

Yes. There are platforms you can trust. These are platforms where you have direct access to those responsible for your management, access to other investors, either through social networks or through the platform itself. All platforms where you can quickly and objectively solve any problems are reliable. Platforms that provide detailed reasons why your money may be retained are reliable. Note: any retention of cryptocurrencies or money invested must be EXCEPTIONAL, as the investor's money is sacred.



If you had money or cryptocurrencies withheld on investment platforms, let us know so that we can insert it into our BLACKLIST. The information will be our vaccine against cryptocurrency scammers and thieves.

Just send an email to:; phone : +55996556072;

 whatsapp: +5561981575076



Roner Salvador Gama, residing in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. Military Policeman, graduated in Portuguese / English Letters and studying Law. Small investor who had money held by cryptocurrency platforms. I am here to collaborate with all those who want to make cryptocurrencies a way to bring democratic prosperity to the whole world.


 Roner S Gama Brazil



 LISTA DE PLATAFORMAS SCAM list created by the site::

 Access the pdf document:



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